Jade Jenise Dixon’s
“Business of Acting & Filmmaking” 
Intensive Workshop & Talent Search
Washington, DC 
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“Beautiful and Talented”        “The next Tyler Perry”             “Jade Jenise Dixon is on a mission”

-Los Angeles Times-                -BET                                          -Omaha World Herald


Thriving both in front and behind the camera, Jade Jenise Dixon’s star continues to rise. As writer, producer, director and one of the stars of the hit feature film, TRUTH HALL, Jade has found her calling. “Upon arriving in Hollywood, I knew I wanted to act, but I also felt in my gut that there was something more I needed to do, I found it,” says the actress/ filmmaker.

As an actress, Jade stars opposite Regina King and Blair Underwood in the feature film, Truth Be Told, and has been a leading lady in other feature films including Big Ain’t Bad (which she also produced), How I Spent My Summer Vacation and Full Ride.

With her film, TRUTH HALL, Jade dared to make a character-driven feature film that would bring to the surface topics that are rarely explored in African-American cinema. The result: several awards from top festivals and major distribution. TRUTH HALL has won 5 awards including “Best Feature” (IBFF Nashville/ QBC New York), the “Audience Choice Award, (IBFF Nashville) “Best Soundtrack,” (QBC New York) and “Best Dramady” (Sand Diego Black Film Festival) and is now in heavy rotation on the BET network.

Jade now travels the globe with her signature intensive seminar called “The Business of Acting and Filmmaking,” where she provides 10 ways for attendees to realize their acting and/or filmmaking dreams. “Even the best universities don’t teach you what to do with your talent once you graduate. I think people need to understand how to transition their talent and ideas into landing that role, making their film, or creating their TV project or documentary,” says Jade. And during the scope of Jade’s sold-out conferences, she scouts talent for her next feature film, which she has written and will also direct. Jade has found talent on Atlanta, New York City and Dallas, and continues searching for diamonds in the rough.

What makes the success of her first film as a writer/ director so unique is that there were no huge star names. “The story is the star,” says Jade. Jade named her company Stepping Stone Productions because she believes in creating a platform, a “stepping stone” for raw talent and is not hesitant to cast new talent alongside, or independent of, star names. This is what makes Jade’s talent search so unique because attendees may not ordinarily have the opportunity to audition for a lead role in a feature film.

Born in Omaha, Nebraska, then matriculating to Atlanta at the age of 12, then heading to the University of Miami and finally New York University, Jade is both blessed and astonished that a small town girl is realizing big time dreams!

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