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About the Workshop & Talent Search:

Have you ever wanted to act but don’t know how to break into the industry? Have you ever dreamed of Writing, Producing or Directing your own film? Do you think you need to be in Hollywood to make it happen? Well award-winning director Jade Jenise Dixon brings Hollywood to you!

With her intensive workshop, Jade shows you the business side of Acting and Filmmaking- tools that can be put to use wherever you are, including DC!

Jade’s feature film, TRUTH HALL, has defeated the odds because it stars “up-and-coming” actors, rather than star names and was able to land major distribution in Target, Wal Mart, Amazon, Netflix and on the BET Network- a rare thing for independent films.

Jade’s commitment to finding new talent inspired the name of her film production company, Stepping Stone Productions, LLC. Jade believes in offering a “stepping stone” to up-and-coming talent to help shape and blossom their career in the industry. An actress herself, Jade has experienced the woes of losing a role for reasons other than talent. Now that Jade is in the drivers seat, writing, producing and directing her own films, she intends to set a new standard for finding talent. And that standard is: whether it is a celebrity or a diamond in the rough, Jade will give them equal consideration for a role. “It’s about talent to me, not just star power. With the industry changing to streaming movies, Netflix and theatrical films that create movie stars, it is now pointless to continue applying old rules to a new game,” says Jade Jenise Dixon.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

For Actors:

Definitions of the craft

How to break into the business

How to get an agent

Keys to making it happen

Tools needed for the craft

How to get yourself in front of agents, casting director and producers

How to progress from “extra” roles to becoming a “working actor”

Headshots, Headshots, Headshots!

How to put together an acting reel

Audition for Jade’s next film!

For Filmmakers:

Definitions of the craft (writing, producing, directing)

How to finance your project

How to assemble a team

Where to get a “crew” for your project

Pre production/ Production/ Post Production

How to put together a business plan


How to pitch your film or television idea to industry professionals

How to write a synopsis or treatment

When to look for sponsors

Distribution and Exhibition

The script

Producing a project

Film vs TV

Pitch your TV or film ideas.


-Pitch your film or TV idea to Jade Jenise Dixon to receive an on-the-spot critique!

So writers and aspiring filmmakers, prepare a 1-3 minute pitch of your film/ tv/ documentary idea for possible submission to Jade’s production company for development.

-Jade is also holding a nationwide talent search for her next feature film. So actors,  bring your headshots or any photo of yourself with your contact info and e-mail listed on the back to audition for her next feature film immediately after the seminar!

Good luck!

WHEN: TBD 2012

WHERE: Howard University

Armour J. Blackburn Center, 2nd floor


TIME: 12-7PM

Ages 15 & Up

Upscale casual attire

Noon-2 PM

Business of Acting

2-4 PM

Business of Filmmaking

4-5 PM

Lunch Break (be back by 4:45PM)


Film and TV Pitches


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Date TBD